Why Me?

First off, there are only a hand full of photographers around the Central Coast that I would personally trust my photos with and I just so happen to be one of them!
I personally believe investing in photos that are going to
#1: Look good and #2: Last forever,
is not only an obvious choice....but a necessary one!

How many pictures will I receive?

Obviously, as a photographer I absolutely love to photograph every beautiful face that comes my way. My packages are currently structured to receive 15 to 25 edited digital images depending on service. Specifically for Seniors you receive 15 edited digital images.
BUT, since I obviously shoot more than 15 images I also offer each additional image to be purchased for $25 OR a set fee of $250 for ALL images taken on the shoot. This usually means 100-200+ images from our shoot all edited and all yours!

Why do you charge for all photos?

This is actually a new offering I started in 2022 and let me tell you why!
Almost every shoot with a 1 to 2 location minimum I will produce anywhere from 500-1000 photos easily. As you can imagine I am always so eager to go home and look at these photos ASAP! But as I'm sure you can also imagine, creating beautiful art does take time. My reasoning for offering only 15 free photos per senior shoot is so that I can maximize my time making sure the best of the best photos are being presented to you IF you only want the base senior package with the 15 photos included.
OF COURSE I love it when you are able to purchase all of your photos because then that just means more beautiful photos for you but I also understand not everyone being able to afford that and that is ABSOLUTELY OKAY! You'll still get the best shoot with me and I will choose the absolute best photos for you!
I strive to always give you not only the best hype-women energy on the shoot but also the best photos from the shoot, so, instead of raising my prices all together, this is a more flexible option to those on a budget!

When will we get our photos?

Senior season is my FAVORITE but also the most busy! Between being an editor and second shooter for other photographers around the area, I make sure to give myself max amount of turn around time to give you what you paid for (aka ✨PERFECTION✨)
SO, with that being said, I provide a 2-4 week turnaround time for all seniors. (Other shoots may differ.)

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