PROGRAMS USED: ADOBE premier pro, adobe photoshop

Back Again...

This video project was one of my favorites and believe me when I say it took A WHILE. Over the span of a couple days I shot and re-shot this video about 3 times. Then came the editing process...🙄 Don't even get me started on this. All in all, it ended up working out in the end and I produced a ✨Super Cute✨ content video for my favorite shoe company, Pashion Footwear.


I knew I wanted this video to be different. Not like a regular tutorial video. I had a lot to work with since Pashion Footwear's shoes are a fully convertible heel. By that I mean they go from heels to flats...so you're literally getting a pair of 2 shoes in 1! Since this is the foundation of their brand, I found it super important to make this video POP just like their shoes!


Like I stated earlier, I recorded this about 3 different times. 3 different days, different outfits, I was just NOT having it.

Heres a couple photos showing just some of the many out takes from the hundreds of video recordings. I also want to throw it out there that I didn't use any sort of fancy equipment I actually shot with my iPhone. Since Smartphones now a day have impeccable quality, it was so much easier to just shoot and airdrop the footage to my mac for editing.


Luckily after many, many takes, I had some solid footage I liked. I then airdropped this footage from my iPhone to my Mac and used Adobe Premier Pro to piece all the edits together.

Since this video was shot with a specific style in mind, I actually used the green screen effect in Premier to piece together the ending part.

Photoshop Edits

At the end of the video it fades to a sort of desktop looking screen with a webpage of Pashion Footwear pulled up. Although the webpage is not just a photo, it's a video of their moving banner page on the home screen.

I went into photo shop knowing I would need to key in an actual green square where I wanted the video to pop up so I created my "desktop" looking background and included a green screen approved green colored square into the middle window.


When all was said and done, this project too well over 3 hours...more like 3 days! I was really happy with how it turned out and even more stoked to be able to give Pashion Footwear an amazing piece of content they could use for brand promotion!