Time spent: 4 Hours

Programs used: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Photoshop

▴Backstory: The Company▴

The Cheeky Parlor is a local waxing company located in SLO, CA. I have personally been going to The Cheeky Parlor for a couple of years and love to support my friend and owner, Ashley Richardson.

A couple of weeks ago, Ashley gave me some of her new products to photograph and I knew I wanted to wait until I had a chance to document this project. This week I shot and edited these photos and made a BTS video of how I got these shots. Enjoy!▴

▴First Things First...▴

Since The Cheeky Parlor has a sort of similar peachy and bubbly vibe similar to my logo, I knew I wanted to incorporate the light and effortless feeling within my photos whether that be while shooting or in post production.▴

▴A Little Magic...▴

I ended up putting the products in a clear pyrex dish sitting on tin foil for some extra graphics. Believe it or not I actually used a hair dryer to get the water ripple effect. Although these turned out so well, I did use some Adobe Photoshop to enhance the ripples. Here is a short BTS video of me capturing the magic.

You may also be wondering why I'm on my carpeted floor, WELL during the late afternoons the light that comes through the trees and my window hits so perfectly it's a great amount of light for product photography as it is balanced at a perfect range of 4,000-6,000 Kelvins. (Kelvin is a lighting scale used to determine the color temperature or warmness/coolness of light. Click here to read more!)▴

Soooo, Yes....⬇this.............turned into this........⬇


▴Editing Magic▴

We saw the photography magic above, now on to the editing magic!

As an editor for a photographer as well as a long time photographer myself, believe me when I say: I. LOVE. EDITING. To me, editing is the second most creative part of photography as it is incredibly limitless and arguably endless in the way you can make a photo look.

Here I show a *very short* video of how I edited one of my favorite images using Adobe Lightroom. Emphasis on *very short* because editing can take me anywhere from 1-5 hours depending on style, number of images and how many edits I put to one image.

Using Adobe Lightroom, I used a preset I had previously created and show here how to copy and paste the edits on to another photo and adjust some exposure and color. From there, I show the before an after of the original RAW photo vs. the edited which I will also post below.▴


▴A Little PS▴

Here is a video demonstrating my photoshop clone stamp skills. I wanted the photos to be lighter around the edges which photographed somewhat darker so I transferred my RAW file to PSD and clone stamped a little bit of the lighter part over the dark part.▴


▴And Voilá!▴

Below is a link to check out the full gallery. I was incredibly excited with how these product shots turned out as I am personally trying to brand myself to more product photography. I can't wait to try more concepts with these products and see what other fun elements I can photograph these in! ▴