Oh Hi, Lets Start here...

Hello Friends! My name is Becca and I am the creator of The Collectiv. Even though I specialize in photography, I chose the name 'The Collectiv' to keep my business as universal as possible (ya know, in case I want to get into underwater basket weaving one day). I am a gal of many talents but this blog will mainly focus on my personal content creation process. Everything from planning a concept to execution to final product will be documented here so please keep scrolling to see how I created content for one of my partners, Pashion Footwear.


This is one of my most prized projects. The whole project start to finish took around 7 hours which included prepping the shoot, photographing, importing, editing, and finally the countless photoshop layers piecing it all together. But it was all worth it as this was used for web branding and social media posts.


This concept had been in my mind for a while so I was excited to start the process. I really never go into a shoot or creation with much forethought other than just having a concept in my head as I enjoy working through shoots and problem solving as I go.

In the far left photo you see I am on my phone which connects to my camera so I was able to see where my arm needed to be placed in the photo as well as how the shoe was photographing.

Since I didn't particularly know which shoe I wanted placed where, I actually ended up photographing every shoe in all different positions so I had variety to choose from when it came time to edit in photoshop. These photos are actually the post edits with lighting and color corrections so they all had a similar lighting composition structure.

Adding in a little photoshop magic, I cut out each shot of my hands holding the shoes and placed them around the frame.


We now have created a useable piece of content that can be sized and scaled to any dimension and used throughout any social media / website platform. This project was one of my favorites and can be seen on Pashion Footwear's website!