Creative Brief for PayPal

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What is a Creative Brief?

Creative briefs, much like this one, are usually a 1-2 page overview into a companies marketing and brand message. For the purpose of this assignment, I chose a creative brief from the company PayPal.

What I Like


I think this creative brief did well with making the problem, goal and main message very clear. Within a few sentences, the customer or person viewing this brief will know the company's main motive.

Simple yet Creative

The layout is very simple with easy-to-read headers and paragraphs. Although simple, everything is strategically placed as well as categorized and organized.

Fun Visual

This creative brief provides a fun visual of PayPal's different opportunities. Color coding and a key helps the reader navigate where this visual is and what it's explaining.

WHat could change

Add More Visuals

Although words are necessary to get a point across, more visuals would be fun to observe. To be fair, there is another page which is stated on the creative brief but not provided. I think 1-2 more smaller visuals would make this creative brief more accepted by the teens they're trying to target towards.

All in all

I think this creative brief did great with establishing its target audience (Teenagers from 12-17 years old) as well as clearly defining the problem (a misled belief about PayPal services) and the goal (clarify misconceptions around PayPal's services). The visual design and aesthetic is pleasing and easy to read which makes this creative brief more enticing and probably more engaged with by its audience.