Analyzing Communications - Target Edition

The Target app notifications and emails are equally my favorite and most hated piece of marketing I get on a daily basis...besides the constant spam emails from random sites. Although my love for Target runs deep, their constant marketing emails and campaigns get on my nerves. But for some reason, I still allow these emails to fill my inbox. Why is that? 

The Brand

Target has a lot of insight behind their branding communication strategies. For starters, the kinds of email subjects they create follows a trendy lingo such as using abbreviations for common millennial type phrases. An example of this is an email I got today with the subject being “Washable Rugs FTW”. Someone not so social media savvy may ask what does FTW mean? What this really translates to is “Washable Rugs For The Win”, which is a most commonly used today when someone is trying to explain something that is exciting.

Photo courtesy of Target®


In exploring my original question of why I still allow these marketing emails to come through my inbox and not just unsubscribe, is simply because of FOMO aka: fear of missing out..(Sorry, had to throw in another common millennial-esque term). But for real, the fear of missing out pertains to so many things like missing out on new clothing collaboration drops or missing out on a good sale.

Photo courtesy of Target®


Cleverly, this is what marketing has done to people. Marketing tactics have come a long way as brand planning teams and marketing teams learn how to implement simple psychology into people’s everyday lives by making them think if they unsubscribe, they miss out. You gotta admit, this is pretty genius on their part and this is also probably why Target is one of the most well known general stores on the globe. 

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

Those who say 'NO'

Although, this communication isn’t for everyone. Some people who don’t shop often or don’t care to receive these emails will opt out. Others may shut off app notifications as Target is great at sending multiple notifications a day. Other people just may not access social media and email, often leaving them out of Target’s addicting marketing influence.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons