Nuts-O'-Nuts Chocolate Candies


An easy to eat sweet treat? Sign us up! Nuts-O'-Nuts chocolate candies are an easy to eat small peanut covered in chocolate. Wrapped in a single foil wrapper, these candies are easy to take anywhere and easy to eat!

Get Nutty For Us

If M&M's and Ghirardelli had a baby it would be named Nuts-O'-Nuts. Bigger than an M&M and crunchier than a Ghirardelli round chocolate, Nuts-O'-Nuts is the perfect mix of crunchy and smooth. With nothing else like it on the market, Nuts-O'-Nuts is sure to make your nuttiest dreams come true. Follow us on Instagram @NutsO'Nuts_Official!

Marketing Strategy:

The Nuts-O'-Nuts marketing strategy comes from the Lab42 survey done with 500 teens between the ages of 13-17. This survey found that over 50% of teens prefer chocolate candies over sour candies and of those chocolate candies, more than half contained nuts. See below for a full breakdown.

The Proof Is In The Peanut!


Breaking down the demographics:

The data presented in the Highschool Sweet tooth chart broke down various demographics on high-schoolers and different categories of candies they enjoyed which influences Nuts-O-Nuts position in making a chocolate candy.

Favorite Candy

To start, since 52% of favorite candies voted by high schoolers had chocolate in them, Nuts-O-Nuts believes another chocolate candy was the obvious choice for our brand. Sour Patch Kids at 8% and Skittles at 11% were the only fruity/sour candy listed and it didn’t seem like sour candy were the way to go.

Preference in candy

Another demographic which was heavily considered in making Nut-O-Nuts candies was preference of chocolate or sweet candy. Upon looking at the graph it is clear that chocolate is preferred over sweet candy with percentages ranging from 10% of 30%. Chocolate candies are a safer route and already prove to be more popular and successful among consumers.

Do you know your candy?

Lastly, we wanted to create a candy that would be successful. The chart that asks, “Can you identify these candy bars without their packaging?” was a great motivator as well as a great reassurance that Nuts-O-Nuts would stand out among competitors contributing to Nuts-O-Nuts success.

Nuts-O-Nuts Success

Nuts-O-Nuts will be successful not only because of the aforementioned above, but another defining key factor: THE SIZE!

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It is reported that people who like to eat chocolate may also be slimmer and more in shape. Why is that?

Psychologically, eating a smaller portion of a sweet treat will both satisfy the sweet tooth while keeping the scale in check. No more guilty sweets eating!

Thats why we created a small bite-size candy that can be consumed easily and guilt free contributing to the on going success of Nuts-O-Nuts candies everywhere by repeat consumer purchase.